Daniel Gascon dela Vega is one of the Central antagonist from Ang probindyano who joins Renato Hipolito, He resigns re-emerged Don Emilio as Senior Gustavo Torralba who dates Madonna.

He was the former member of the Mining syndicates and is now released who hates Drug Syndicates, and is Now the Mafia Forces.

Personality Edit

He is seem to be Hot heads and Nessecary, despite having His tragedy, He became Mentally Ill and Dreadful in His history.

In the Last scene, He is no longer Evil but becames a Delusional and Misguided. He doesn't want to let Madonna being cursed to the Death.

Synopsis Edit

He is shot by Don Emilio for lying Him to Madonna.

Trivia Edit

He is portrayed by Ryan Eigenmann who is also known as Sarimaw from Bagani.

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