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Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera is one of the Fictional protagonist from Ang probinsyano who is the Friend of CIDG Alliances.

He cares about torturing Dante S. Madarang after He retreats with Timo because He like to attacks Ricardo Dalisay.

He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Michael Roy Jornales.


Miguel Clemente

Roxanne Opeña

Brother Lorenzo


Lola Flora Dalisay

Romulo Dumaguit (Physically Deceased+)

Diana Olegario


Erwin Salonga

Tigre (Physically Deceased+)

Lawin (Physically Deceased+)


Glen Corpuz

Oscar Hidalgo

Amir Marquez

Victor Basco

Manuel dela Cruz

Junior De Leon

Carmen De Guzman (Physically Deceased+)

Marcelo's Groups+

Albert Rogelio+



Benito Manlapig (Physically Deceased+)

Roxanne Opeña

Alessandra Romero+

Hannah Robles

Isabel Tiongson+





Ador Black (Currently, Undead+)

Karlo Ramos

Eric Gabriel

Louie Rallos

Enemies: Homer Adlawan+

Renato Hipolito

Alejandro Terante+

Lorenz Gabriel+

Hector Mercurio (Jail)

Mr. Lao+

Joaquin Tuazon+

Mr. Philip Tang+

Tomas Tuazon+

Diego Sahagun+

Bartolome Bulaan (Physically Deceased+)

Gina Magtanggol (Physically Deceased+)

Dante S. Madarang+

David S. Madarang+

Lucas Cabrera+

Ann Lily Cortez

Meilin Yang+



Riding In Tandem (Dead+)

Anton Guerrero (Physically Deceased+)

Serrano Jacob

Ernesto Tordesillas


Lance Mendez+


Mr. Miller+

Mr. Jamil+



Ombudsman Castillo

Randolf Subito+

Arturo Padua

Maggie Padua+

Jimbo Padua

Ellen Padua

Clarice Padua

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Good

Type Of Hero: Police Martial Arts


Season 1

Chikoy was seen only September 2015, He sees Ador dead with His friends Billy and Mark. They all mourns Ador for those who murders Him, Diego was been seen He hasn't done Worst of all.

Chikoy releasing Diego and Philip's Both lifeless bodies, Cardo and Chikoy rivera assaults Mayor Anton Guerrero who kills Him. He, Billy and Mark attacks Hector Mercurio for physically killing Delfin Borja, He is saves by Cardo and kills Randolf Subito's deeds.

Season 2

Avel Guzman, Mark and Chikoy vs Joaquim

Season 3

Chikoy finding the residents of Pulang Araw

Season 4

Battles of New syndicates

Season 5

Cabreras starts now

Season 6

Billy, Mark and Chikoy gets grounded and abducted by Alejandro Terante, then they later retreats to saves Innocent people. The Vendetta arrives and shoots Renato Hipolito and Lucas Cabrera, but Tigre died. Chikoy always extends if it's 2019.

Season 7

Chikoy and His Task Force Agila captures and arrests the Fake policemen, He is now leaded by Oscar Hidalgo. Alyas bungo gets mad and battles Chikoy Rivera, And it was Physical who He laughs harder to shot Him. He is presumed kill by Bingo but His Physical Body wasn't been kill, as He was there in the Dreams and will stay in the Joys.

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