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Lola Flora Santillan Borja-de Leon is a main character in Probinsyano. She is the sister of Delfin Santillan-Borja and the breadwinner to Ricardo Dalisay. Despite her old age, she continues to save the world.

She brings Her rivalry, Gina Magtanggol back to her Incarcerates after She tries to takes down Her to kicks out of Her series. Her only Enemy was Ann Cortez who abducts Her twin younger Brother. She is portrayed by Susan Roces.

Real Name: Lola Flora Santillan Borja-De Leon/Dalisay

Aliases: Lola


Kapitana De Leon

Origins: Philippines

Birthday: November 12

Age: 75 Years old

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet tall

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes Color: Light Brown

Skin Color: Caucasian

Goals: Defeats Her rivalry, Gina for getting mad, Her (Succeeds)

Finishes Her enemy, Ann Cortez

Brings the world peace and quiets

Martial Fates: Kapitana

Status: Alive

Portrayers: Susan Roces
Jane Oineza (adult)

Debut: September 28 2015 Book 1 Season 1

Role Ends: Ongoing

Relatives: Cardo Dalisay (Grandson)

Delfin Borja (Younger brother, Complex)

Carmen Guzman (Granddaughter in Law, Physically Deceased+)

Alyana Arevalo (Granddaughter in Law)

Junior De Leon (Great-Grandson)

Onyok (step-grandson)

Makmak† (step-grandson, Physically Deceased)

Paquito (step-grandson)

Dang (step-granddaughter)

Ligaya (step-granddaughter)

Dexter (step-grandson)

Letlet (adoptive granddaughter)

Allies: Avel Guzman

Jerome Girona Jr.

Chikoy Rivera (Physically Deceased+)

Rigor Soriano

Mark Vargas

Diana Olegario

Roxanne Opeña


Glen Corpuz





Erwin Salonga

Oscar Hidalgo

Romulo Dumaguit (Physically Deceased+)


Brother Lorenzo

Andrea B. Collins

Anton Tigre (Physically Deceased+)

Amir Marquez

Basco Victor

Enemies: Gina Magtanggol (Arch-Rival)

Lily Ann Cortez (Arch-Nemesis)

Bartolome Bulaan (Second Arch-Rival)


Arturo Padua

Lazaro Enriquez+

Meilin Yang+

Serrano Lobo Jacob

Renato Hipolito

Don Emilio (Her former lover+)

Tomas Tuazon+

Joaquin Tuazon+

Diego Sahagun+

Mr. Philip Tang+

Alignment Chart: Lawful Good

Type of Hero: Wise Grandmother