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Fernando Mante is One of the Main Anti Antagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is a Fiancee of Amalia Mante. He was changed His Name with His Second Family to Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay and keeps His Real Animal Self as Benedicto Vergel as He is the Successor of Teodoro Arevalo.

He is a Father of Natalia Mante and Janice Vergel and is the Predessecor of Armando Silang the Father-Figure of Mara Silang. Fernando Mante (Also known as Benedicto Vergel) is also an All times Rival and Heroic Counterpart of Enrique Vera after He shoots the Both Arms of His own Daughter, Audrey Mante.

He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Christian Vasquez.


Fernando Mante is a Straight Toned Guy with Greyish Black Hair, Eyes and Facials. He varies All of the Costumes He wears like White, Blue, Brown and Yellow Shirt, Belt, Pants and Shoes.


He is Bloodthirsty, Thrill-Seeker, Fighter, Hot-Headed and Arrogant. He is known to haves His Types such as Vengeful Heroic Xenophobe who dislikes and fears Drug Syndicates such as Mr. Philip Tang, Diego Sahagun, Tomas Tuazon and Joaquin Tuazon.

Apart from His Lethal Type, He was Freedom, Legend, Honest, Harmonizer, Egalitarian, Selfless and Loya. He has met Ricardo Dalisay for the First Time when He finds out what happens when He strategizes His deeds to defends the Phillipines.

His Daughter was Natalia Mante when She was a Former Member of Black Ops and the Formerly Right-Hand of Albert De Vela the Crime-Lord and responsible of taking down Alyana Dalisay. His All times Rival and Villainous Counterpart was also Enrique Vera after He takes down His Daughter, Audrey Mante's Both Arms.

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