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Edwin Salonga, a police captain, is the aide-de-camp of President Oscar Hidalgo.

He and his friend James joined the Task Force Aguila in the operation to rescue Diana Olegario and Teddy from the hands of Lily. With this, they later joined the Task Force Aguila as they became fugitive.


Species: Human

Skin Color: Caucasian

Martial Fates: Alive

Friends: Diana Olegario

James Cordero

Amir Marquez


Karlo Ramos


Ricardo Dalisay

Victor Basco

Delfin Borja

Enemies: Lily Ann Cortez (Investigating)

Renato Hipolito

Arturo Padua

Maggie Padua

Clarice Padua

Jimbo Padua

Ellen Padua

Ombudsman Castillo

Lily Ann Cortez

Alignment Chart: Lawful Good, Neutral Good Chaotic Good

Type of Hero: Police Bodyguard