Drug syndicates are the Central antagonistic teams from TV Series from Ang Probinsyano that They are lead by Tomas Tuazon, they're thinking about taking down Cardo Dalisay, CIDG Boys and Task Force Agila after releasing about their Rivalries during their Races.

They are also the Rivalries of Mafia Forces who hates Drugs.

Anti Villains Edit

They're the Anti villains of Tomas Tuazon but are different to Mafia Forces.

Leader: Tomas Tuazon+

Founder: Joaquin Tuazon+

Members: Don Emilio+

Don Romano+

Mayor Anton Guerrero (Incarcerated)

Mateo de Silva+

Victor De Silva+

Pedro Ladronio+

Arturo Padua+

Ernesto Tordesillas+

Lily Ann Cortez+

Meilin Yang+

Ombudsman Castillo+



Villains Edit

These Villains are heavies to joins Apollo Magat.

Leader: Apollo Magat+

Founder: Leonardo Demetrio+

Members: Lazaro Enriquez+

Cedrick Anderson+

Randolf Subito+

Gascon Dela Vega+

Madonna Amor+

Jonas Paulino+

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