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Don Ignacio Gulliermo is the main antagonist in the ninth seasons of the 2021 Filipino television series Ang Probinsyano replaced from Enrique Vera of the Main Antagonist role.

He was portrayed by Tommy Abuel.


It was a elderly criminal and the mastermind in the world and was revealed that Mara is actually the spy sent by her father Armando, whose family and his farmers were killed in the massacre at hands of Don Ignacio and Don Iñigo, who had the connection with Arturo Padua, whose motivation is to claim Armando's land (which was from Don Iñigo, rewarded through land reform) for rich businessmen. After they killed Don Iñigo and seized his mansion and weapons, the farmers involved into a mercenary group.


Him being powerful and influential in the North, he controls all law enforcement in the area, virtually untouchable. His influence is strong, even politicians flock to him for his blessings, equal to his territory's voting population, a bloc vote.

His running of his operations were so equally kind and brutal, that people were willing to sacrifice for him, and fear his retribution should they mess up with the old man.

Full Synopsis[]

After they killed Don Iñigo and seized his mansion and weapons, the farmers evolved into a mercenary group. Armando and the surviving farmers vow to exact revenge on Don Ignacio and Arturo to get the Property Mansion. Mara is sent to get intel regarding Don Ignacio and his latest activities. They plan to kill him during the exhibit, knowing the risk of Lily being caught in the crossfire. Defying Armando's plan, Samuel decides to ambush Don Ignacio on the road instead at the art exhibit, much to Lolita and Armando's chagrin; however, the plan goes awry when they fail to kill Don Ignacio. Armando confronts Samuel for his failure. Don Ignacio decides to cancel the exhibit as a result and calls Lily about this.

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