Don Emilio Syquia is the fictional character of the hit ABS-CBN primetime teleserye FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. It is portrayed by the late Filipino veteran actor Mr. Eddie Garcia.

Background Edit

Don Emilio is the final antagonist of the series of the Tuazon clan. He is called as the Don due to his recent bigtime negotiations that went him to overrule them and led the richest properties he had gained.

Appearance Edit

Emilio is a tall stature man, always holding his staff to support his balance, but got revealed as the secret sword weapon for self-defense. He wores hat and expensive sunglasses everytime he seek in public in order to not conceal his identity. He usually wears tuxedo in some occasions like business in syndications. He walks slowly than an average human age.

But he changed his appearance and look after re-emerging from his faking death plan. He now wears an eye-patch to his left eye due to Cardo's shot where he took from. And he usually wears a pirate shirt depicting how rich he was as a leader of treasure mining. All of these, features as Señor Gustavo Torralba .

Personality Edit

Emilio sometimes recognized being always a pun for every message he delivers to his people. He is quite inpatient towards dealing with the syndications. Althrough being strict sometimes, he instead talking not straightforwardly. He rather seems to become more aggressive as he was re-emerge down from faking his death as he was completely defeated by Cardo.

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