Dominador "Ador" B. De Leon

Dominador Borja De Leon, or simply known as Ador De Leon, served as a minor protagonist up until the fourth episode of action crime drama Philippine television series, FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

He is the No Longer Antagonist who is twin brother of Cardo, son of the latter Pablo, makes him the grandson of Lola Flora. As a child, he wants to be a policeman like his father, also his twin brother wanted to be police as well. When Cardo saves Ador's life, his sick and injuries have gotten worst and their grandmother doesn't have enough money to cure him, Cardo was adopted by a wealthy couple. Ador has had no choice but to continue his dreams without his older brother.

He is Back as an Antagonist of Cardo that he has been mentioned in a police meeting including his brother, that he, when Ador is still alive, he himself solved the case of David S. Madarang. Ador shot and killed Dante which will be the root of the desperation of Dante S. Madarang, David's twin brother, to kill Cardo Dalisay in his own hands to avenge his brother's death.

Height: 5'6 feet tall

Weight: Skinny

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Powers/Skills: Agility

Martial Arts

Hands to Hands combat

Marksman Ships


Before His Death

Ador de Leon helps and saves his friend from David S. Madarang, The Dante Madarang's twin brother who He murders him. Ador finding his last mission about Diego Sahagun, the leader of the drug syndicate who Joaquin asks him from him. Dominador drinks his coffee who he laters Attacks Diego Sahagun's men, He tries for shooting him but Joaquin Tuazon saves Diego and shoots Ador behind.

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He compares His roles with Amir Marquez as an Anti Heroes releasing deeds eventually Redeems Villains.

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