Dominador B. De Leon

Dominador "Ador" B. De Leon

Dominador "Ador" B. De Leon is the Protagonists from Ang probinsyano who is a Leader of the Undead vampire syndicate, He tries to murders Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay and Joaquin Tuazon after they both retreats because His human form was betrayed and murders by both of them.

In 2019 of His black arc, He is no longer antagonist. He had been mentioned to shoots David S. Madarang the twin of Dante S. Madarang. In July 2020, He will be back as an Antagonist of Lily Ann Cortez who abducts His Grandfather, Delfin Borja.

He was Now Remarkable Deuteragonist of Cardo. He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Coco Martin who since the Walang Hanggan.

Real Name: Ador de leon

Nickname: Ador black



Origins: Sampaloc, Manila

Birthday: October 1, 1981

Age: 38 Years Old

Height: 5'7 feet tall

Weight: Skinny

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black (Formerly) Red (As a vampire) White (As a zombie)

Skin Color: Tan

Powers/Skills: Abnormally Speed

Martial Arts

Hands to Hands combat

Marksman Ships


Hobbies: Having fun with His friends (As a Human form)

Abusing his Innocent people (As a Vampire to the Zombie form)

His Goals: Defeats Jego sahagun (Fails, Before revived)

Murders Ricardo dalisay and Joaquin tuazon for their hideous crimes (Fails, After revived)

Martial Fates: Alive

Status: Undead+

Deaths causes: Physically Deceased+ (Revived+)

Portrayed: Coco Martin

Debut: September 28, 2015 (Book 1; Season 1)

July 2019 (Book 4; Season 7, Reappeared)

Role ended: Ongoing

His crimes: Murders bulate

And attampts for murdering Cardo



Power Hungers



Dark Manipulations

Thug Lifes

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Neutral

Type of Anti Hero: Power Hungry Mercenary

Synopsis Edit

Before His Death

Ador de leon helps and saves his friend from David S. Madarang, The Dante Madarang's twin brother who He murders him. Ador finding his last mission about Diego Sahagun, the leader of Drug syndicate who Joaquin asks him from him. Dominador drinks his coffee who he laters Attacks Jego sahagun's men, He tries for shooting him but Joaquin tuazon saves jego and Shoots ador back in 2 Times.

After Revival

Ador de Leon attacks and battles Billy de Guzman the BFF Of him who He possessed him and turns into the Vampire. Ador de Leon threatens his Former master about his Rivalries, But he decisions not for murdering Him he will meet after that. Butete's BFF Bulate Assaults and Battles Ador de Leon that he was not him, but Dominador was Bulate tries to finish him, However Bulate was murders and shots by Ador black scheming his deeds and turns into The vampire. After ador de Leon joins the Past, The 2 Legends strikes backs where He murders him at the day. Ricardo punches Joaquin tuazon (Again) if he ever puts him at his false fronts, the brawlests battles between Both of Cardo vs Joaquin, There is someone who interrupts the Full attacks and Murders Joaquin's back in 2 times where they exchanges there murders. Ador de Leon shoots Joaquin and Cardo sees his twin zombie self, He pinpoints Him by his Gun, but He was hit in The rock Joaquin tuazon. Ador Black demands Cardo and Joaquin if they both assaults him, They both deeds for Murdering Ador black. Ador tries to murders his Twin Cardo but Joaquin remembers who he takes down Ador He has to Kill his vampire form Twice, Joaquin tuazon laters Rampages to saves Cardo to both murders Ador black not to return from the Past Flashback. Later Ador black de Leon loses his Zombie form to murders Cardo and Joaquin tuazon.

Trivia Edit

He compares His roles with Amir Marquez as an Anti Heroes releasing deeds eventually Redeems Villains.

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