Ador Dominador Black De Leon is a villainous protagonists of Ang probinsyano


Ador tries to shot Jego Sahagun but Joaquin Tuazon saves him and shoots him in 2 Times, but brings his unconscious body Backs from the dead. Then he later seeks his Vengeance against Joaquin tuazon for lying him, Then turns against Cardo by hitting him, Ador black demands Cardo and Joaquin if they both punches Him, They both finds there ways for murdering Him, But Present Cardo and Joaquin are there and Seeks to saves there Pasts selves

Real Name: Ador de leon

Nickname: Ador black

Birthday: October 1

Age: 34 Years Old

Height: 5'7 feet tall

Weight: Skinny

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black (Formerly) Red (As a vampire) White (As a zombie)

Skin Color: Tan

His Goals: Defeats Jego sahagun (Fails, Before revived)

Murders Ricardo dalisay and Joaquin tuazon for their hideous crimes (Fails, After revived)

Status: Alive (Undead+)

Deaths causes: Joaquin murders him in 2 times (Revived+)

His crimes: Murders bulate

And attampts for murdering Cardo



Power Hungers



Type of villain: Undead manipulator

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