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Domingo "Domengsu" Suarez is the tetartagonist of the series and the personal asset of Cardo and Task Force Agila in their missions. He was also the current extended family of the Dalisay's after he got loss in his deceased families and turned to go to Manila alone. He is the current right-hand in person of Alyana in her Barangay Captain position. He cares about taking down Juan Morcilla


Species: Human

Nationality: Philippines

Skin Color: Tan


Domengsu gets the Hair facials, He wears the Black T-Shirt and Blue Pants. He only wears The janitor suits, Who he can Map the Floors, and wears a Barangay suits.


Domengsu is Mischievous and a Weakling person, Who he has nothing to Fight. He's so Hyperactive, Joyful and Innocent, Who doesn't Harm people.


Domengsu was the only guy joins the Philippines, He wen't to the Dancing store. Domengsu decides to not drugs Himself away, later Ricardo Dalisay and Task Force Agila arrests all of them. Domengsu doesn't want to be abducted by Cardo and frees, He later became Janitor. Domengsu runs of the Car and is shot by Juan, who He loses Mr. Miller and Jamil that causes by Cardo who destroys and abuses Lance Mendez, gets mad and battles Him. Juan later retreats and goes Berserks Cardo's Murderous, about Mr. Miller, Jamil and Lance.