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"You always let your anger get the best of you!"

— DELFIN to Cardo

Delfin Santillan-Borja is One of the Extremely Protagonists from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is The only-brother of Lola Flora and the great-uncle of Ador and Cardo. He is portrayed by Jaime fabregas who is also known as Father Cito from Juan Dela Cruz. His nemesis, Ombudsman Castillo and his rivalry, Arturo Padua


Species: Human

Inspiration: Don Roman Cardinal

Skin Color: Caucasian

Friends: Ricardo Dalisay

Enemies: Ombudsman Castillo (arch-nemesis)

Type of Hero: General Officers


He was once an honest Police General who served justice for his country. He is friends with His best friend forever, Roy Carreon the poor policeman who is His Loyalty Freedom Fighter.

He was then unlawfully arrested by the Cabrera, and was later saved by Cardo and helped Oscar to return in the Palace which made him to be the National Security Adviser.

Latelh He was then grounded due to accusations having involvement with Tomas Tuazon which made him currently depressed. At the day of his birthday he hid in his room greiving and unknown to him that the authorities are after him. Cardo’s team were forced to arrest him due to being closed to them and had a breif argument against his team mates. He is currently under the custody of PNP.

He was confined in a hospital near Camp Crame, after collapsing due to his injuries after Raymundo and his squad mercilessly beat him. After learning that his life is in danger Cardo and his friends escaped him from the hands of Lily.


  • He has been framed 2 times. First is being accused of protecting the Vendetta by Lucas Cabrera. Second is he was a protector of Tomas Tuazon by Lily.

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