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David S. Madarang

David S. Madarang serves as one of the Minor antagonist from Television Series of Ang Probinsyano who is the Late twin brother of Dante S. Madarang, He is thinking about taking Ador up after He assaults Him that He ever deeds to kills Him.

Real Name: David S. Madarang

Aliases: David

Birthday: June 16

Age: 38 Years old

Height: 5'10 Feet Tall

Weight: Manly

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black

Skin Color: Caucasian

Goals: Takes down Ador (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Shots by Ador de Leon

Relatives: Dante (twin brother)

Mrs. Madarang (mother)

Home: Clark Air Base, Mabalacat, Philippines (formerly)
Hell (currently)

Portrayers: Baron Geisler

Debut: October Book 1 Season 1 2015

Role Ends: Book 1 Season 1 2015