Dante "Alyas Bungo" Santos-Madarang is the Extravagant Primary Antagonist from Ang Probinsyano who is the twin brother of David S. Madarang, He is thinking about taking down Cardo and obsessed by threatening the police group into a bigger murder case which Dante continuously kills few more policemen. He commits some abrupt crimes such as robbery, theft and attempted murder. He is named as Skull (Bungo in Filipino) , because he sometimes wears skull masks for hiding identity.

He is portrayed by the Filipino actor Baron Geister who is also known of the guest star of Hiraya Manawari the third season of Ang TV from 1995-1997, Choy Ledesma from Gimik from 1996, Alfonso "Fonzy" Ledesma from Tabing Ilog from 1999 and Tagasundo from Nathaniel from 2015.

Full Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After the celebrations of Ricardo Dalisay, Oscar Hidalgo, Manuel dela Cruz and Victor Basco. Dante Madarang and His deeds shows up and begins.

Dante and His groups fights and shot Everyone and The banks, to steals their moneys and murders all of the Policemen. They all retreats All of them and dies.

Dante meets Cardo for the first time, but Timo tells Him that He stays away from Him or He dies. After the fall of Bungo, He hits Time for getting His way without permissions.

Later on, having the night and parties at Task Force Agila, Dante and His friends shot and attacks Basco's friends. Cardo revealing who shot His teams.

Dante S. Madarang gets mad and attacks Francisco Rivera, this is so Physical who shot Him and He laughs hard as He can.

Cardo was released His deeds that His brother, Dominador B. De Leon is David S. Madarang's shooter before He was setup and shot by Joaquin Tuazon who saves Diego Sahagun.

The Task Force Agila was ready to tortures Dante and His groups, Timo back in Sadists scenes. Cardo fights and abuses Him and Balisong, but something won't who loses to beats Him up, Dante fights and takes Cardo up.

Later, Bungo gets very angry at Cardo's finally wakes then shot Innocent people that They gets in His ways. He lefts lonely and sees Renato Hipolito, He is no longer a Police but a Mafia Forces Leader to meets His deeds. Serrano Jacob wasn't concerned that Dante joins alongside with Lance Mendez and Migz, He loses Coolness to assails Him. Buwitre decides to sends Bungo his last words and lately, He lies and betrays Him by Lazaro Enriquez's shot.

Bungo doesn't want to be killed by Uwak and Cedric as He meets Lily Ann Cortez about His deeds. He later succeeds to takes Innocence up and gives Him slots of Moneys. but He severely retreats always alongside with Lazaro's friends.

Dante is proud and kidnaps Alessandra Romero and confirms Task Force Agila about the Whereabouts. He shoots Her and retreats All of them, to threatens Lazaro, He needs His deeds and moneys.

After that, Dante Bungo fights and attacks Ricardo Dalisay in the final ways, He will never forgive His deeds. Victor Basco goes wild Cardo that He stays away from Him, But continues to strangles Him. He loses gives up on the SAF Troopers and Ricardo manages with the shoots of Dante, He passed away in the Explosion where The Policemen escapes.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Human Strength - He has a strength beyond a normal human.

Enhanced Combat - He is a extremely skilled combantant compared to an ordinary man.

Enhanced Speed - He is faster beyond an average human.

Enhanced Intelligence - He is very intelligent when it comes in fighting and strategy.

Enhanced Body - Due to complete trainings and experiences, his body became enhanced.

Enhanced Agility - He is very fast in fighting.

Master Tactician - He is a great strategic styles.

Anger Manipulation - He is frequently angry which makes him more stronger.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. David is his twin brother, the one who killed the twin brother of Cardo, Ador. Specifically, they are both fighting against each other for their late twin brothers.
  2. He cut the head of his father for fun bacuse he is crazy and his hobby is killing people
  3. He is notably known to be one of the Supervillains in the series due to his extraordinary fighting skills and immense strength.

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