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Damian Ocampo is the One of the Tertiary Antagonist from the Television Series direct to videos Show of Ang Probinsyano who joins Albert Hernandez. He cares about destroying Ricardo Dalisay after Vendetta retreats Be cuz They tortures Renato Hipolito in any slights.


According to Lucas Cabrera, he is a former son of a corrupt governor and a drug lord. He was later chosen to be an executive secretary by Lucas Cabrera after eliminating the first one for betraying Lucas. His consciences later striked and secretly tried to stop Lucas alongside with former Vice President Albert Hernandez.

Shortly after Cabrera’s downfall, he was presumed killed by Cardo and Oscar Hidalgo for his crimes with the involvement of graft and corruption and for his cooperation with Cabrera.

He physically passed away with Hernandez by Vendetta and wents in graveyards. But who didn't knows that Renato Hipolito gets to be saves by His Nephew, Serrano Jacob.


He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Gian Magdangak.