MeanClarice Padua is the daughter of Arturo Padua from the Television Series of Ang Probinsyano. She is possible to turn protagonist, and who was a second daughter introduced of Padua Family. She is one of the girls that likes to gush in to Cardo's likeness following the same romantic sense of Krista Sandoval.

History Edit

Clarice Padua introduced as the daughter of Ellen Padua and Arturo Padua. One of the Padua siblings with the deceased Maggie and the wealthy student, Jimbo.

Clarice sells fake online shopping items in order to capture Cardo's heart from the ownership of Alyana. Francine and the group (who are the remaining allies of Gina Magtanggol and Bartolome Bulaan) are sided with her interests. Came from out of the thin air, Clarice pushes to cuddle Cardo planning to make movements for Alyana resents him.

At the brink of her kidnapped situation, Cardo and Task Force Agila helped her from the rouge bandits that hisses his voluptuous appeal and quickly kissed him on the lips without knowing the guy Cardo was. Alyana confronted the two and missed their romantic sensations.

Season 8 Edit

Cardo at the scene where dealing with Juan to take their bloody battle, Clarice found the guy again and decided to unanimously help him from the armed man surrounded by Juan and the rouge police officers. Pretending to take hostage Cardo can to Clarice in escaping from them. But, Cardo refused to let Clarice take back from her house because of the arduous struggle against the government.

Residing and hiding under the roof of Angelito Valmoria, Clarice attempted to escape the group as Alyana and Bubbles refused to. Cardo managed to calm her mind from being salty in her uncomfortable haven living in province. Dante Villafuerte and Patrick Espinosa, the two low ranking police officers, erranded on eyeing Clarice's movements in escaping the compound. She decided to pretend mingling with them portraying her good attitude as a cherish for them poisoning their minds and forgetting about eyeing her movements. Meanwhile, Patrick is getting blinded in love with Clarice.
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