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Chloe Delgado is the No longer female antagonist from series of Ang Probinsyano who the former lover of Jacob Serrano who was no longer part of Renato's goons.



Renato Hipolito can't listens with Chloe's stuffs He is thinking to bring Her grave, But he won't let this happens, He watches the TV About her hospitalized with Victor Basco who no informs Her about Him.

he bad news by Ultimates who Renato lies about Chloe, Serrano can't believe about her, The goes wild at Him that assails Him who He loses to shoots Her. Serrano finally decides to stay away from Dir. Hipolito that Chloe survives during his fails deeds, He complains His nephew's Deeds who didn't helps to killed Her.

Renato Hipolito hunts down Everyone and killed Chloe the good news to Serrano Jacob about Chloe

Later Renato dismays 4 of them to not kills Chloe they four begs Him, But was left behind over Serrano and His uncle.

Victor Basco tells Chloe about Renato. Suddenly, He breaks down in His tears, That She survived after losing his patience. Dir. Hipolito gets mad and battles Basco's deeds who there is no way He can stay away from his Deeds if He didn't begs His own nephew Serrano Jacob in orders to Takes down Him.