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Cardo Dalisay, artwork

Main Characters[]

  • Coco Martin[2] portrays two roles:

as PS/Insp. Dominador "Ador" B. de Leon: He is Ricardo's identical twin brother and a police officer in the CIDG. He is raised separately from his brother by his grandmother, Lola Flora. He enters the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) alongside Joaquin Tuazon. While there he meets Carmen, his classmate's sister. After he graduates as the class valedictorian, he marries Carmen upon discovering her pregnancy; she gives birth to Dominador "Junior" de Leon, Jr. Ador continues to display his intelligence and skill as a policeman and is eventually promoted to Senior Inspector. He becomes a prominent and respected CIDG police official in Manila with a loving family as his support. Early in the series, Ador is betrayed and murdered by Joaquin after pursuing the latter's child-trafficking syndicate, and Cardo is called to take his place as an officer and also as a husband and father of Ador's family.

as P/Cpt. Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay: He is a police officer, Vendetta's new leader replaces Romulo after his death, and the overall main protagonist of the series. He was separated from his identical twin brother, and grew up in the rural town of Botolan, Zambales with his best friend Glen, who secretly has a crush on him. Cardo joins the SAF as an officer. When Ador is killed in action, General Delfin Borja, Cardo and Ador's maternal grand-uncle and Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)'s director, orders Cardo to assume Ador's identity and continue the mission his late brother left behind. As part of his mission, Cardo is forced to pretend to his brother's family and friends; and reunites with his grandmother, whom he resents for deserting him. Nevertheless, he promises to find the person behind his brother's death. After his cover is blown, Cardo reveals himself and reunites with his family. Cardo is reassigned to CIDG and tackles various cases, some which ties directly to the Tuazon family's criminal acts. Towards the end of both Season 1 and Season 2, Cardo finally kills Joaquin Tuazon to avenged his twin brother's death and to rescue his new wife Alyana after she was kidnapped by him during their wedding celebration. At the start of Season 3, they had a son named Ricardo "Ricky Boy" Dalisay Jr. and Cardo decides to quit the police force and settle down with his family but was killed in a crossfire made by the rebel group called Pulang Araw forces him to return to duty as an PNP-SAF. As more of his comrades are killed by Romulo "Leon" Dumaguit, Cardo is the only survivor left as two of his comrades are captured as he poses as Fernan to join the group. After Hipolito disperses Pulang Araw, Cardo, Romulo and former inmate Ramil Taduran co-founded a vigilante group named Vendetta to expose Hipolito's crimes and corruption to the Philippine Government. Throughout Season 4 and Season 5, they successfully rescue various innocent people who were forced to work by Hipolito including the congressman Brandon Cabrera and the Vice President Lucas Cabrera. The President of the Philippines, Oscar Hidalgo witnesses the group's rescuing efforts. They also manage to rescue both Andy and Lorenzo at Brandon's house after Brandon attempts to rape her. Cardo shoots Brandon in time when he is about to kill both Andy and Lorenzo. After their mission during the elections, the vigilante group allowed Cardo to fix his relationship with his ex-wife Alyana and successfully took her away after accepting her engagement with Marco and they live on the North to fix their relationship. After their remarriage, the couple rejoined the vigilante group to battle against Alakdan's group excluding the authorities and later against political corruption under Lucas Cabrera's administration where they were framed as criminals in the state. At season 6, Cardo finally kills Don Emilio Syquia to avenging his father's death while the Vendetta and the people of Sto. Niño saving the captives in the mining site. Also, he's finally kill Homer Adlawan to avenge Olegario's son, Romulo, and Ricky Boy's death. And he's kill President Lucas Cabrera brought to justice for Makmak and Oscar's family. Soon after Vendetta was granted presidential pardon from their crimes by returning President Oscar Hidalgo, he is promoted to Senior Master Sergeant and was later assigned to lead Task Force Agila, a task force consisting of CIDG boys, Vendetta members, and some new faces in the PNP. And Oscar and the PNP promotes him from Senior Master Sergeant to Police Captain the same rank as his twin brother, Ador; during the celebration of Flora's Garden suspect someone threw in the grenade incident. He finally get his evil revenge on Dante Madarang Alias Bungo for the homicide of his friends when he was detonated the bomb and obiliterated.

  • Maja Salvador[3] as SPO1 Glenda "Glen" F. Corpuz: She is a female police officer and Cardo's childhood best friend. She harbors a crush on Cardo. She is later paired with officer John Prats. She later leaves the series when she has to return to her hometown of Botolan, Zambales to take care of her ailing mother.[4] Her character was described as feisty and boyish.[5]
  • Bela Padilla[2] as Carmen M. Guzman: She is introduced as Ador's wife and the mother of Junior de Leon. She works as a nurse.[6] After she realizes Cardo has switched places with Ador and that her husband is dead, she despises Cardo and struggles with forgiving him.[7] She later marries Joaquin but does not realize Joaquin is the one who murdered her husband.[8] When she learns of Joaquin's criminal activities she is kidnapped by Tomas; she tries to escape but is killed.[9] It was later revealed that her character was originally intended to just be on the show for eight weeks but it was extended.[10] She later returns in the series (in a brief appearance) in Cardo's dream, begging him to seek justice for her death, along with Ador's. This causes Cardo to re-open Carmen's case and investigate.
  • Arjo Atayde[2] as PC/Insp. Joaquin S. Tuazon: He lives a double life as a police officer and the son of a criminal syndicate boss and when his father was killed by Cardo he succeeded his father as the new leader of the drug and human trafficking syndicate. When Ador had started killing Diego's men, he had no choice but to kill Ador. He later proposes to Ador's widowed wife Carmen.[11] Don Emilio's grandson, Tomas and Verna's son, and also Rachel's older brother. Between the events of Season 1 and Season 2, Joaquin became the syndicate leader after his father Tomas was killed by Cardo during his stay at the prison in Bilibid. After Cardo dismantled the syndicate, Joaquin flees after he accidentally killed his mother Verna who wanted to stop him for causing more illegal activities made by her husband. In desperation, he successfully kidnaps Alyana during Cardo's wedding celebration in the same place where he kills Ador. Both men had a brutal fight and Cardo finally kills him by stabbing to his heart to rescue his new wife.
  • Albert Martinez[2] as Tomas "Papa Tom" G. Tuazon: He is the leader of the drug and human trafficking syndicate; Verna's husband and also Joaquin and Rachel's father. He was responsible for Carmen's death, upon learning that his son, Joaquin (who proposed to the latter's death, not knowing that she was later kidnapped) later imprisoned after Don Emilio tipped off Cardo during a drug transaction. As a result for his imprisonment, Joaquin and Don Emilio framed up Cardo for illegal drug possession. In the Bilibid, Tomas lived as a king and made everyone go underneath his dictatorship. He and Cardo had several confrontations which resulted in deaths and injuries of several people. He later planned to escape from the jail, but was stopped by Cardo. Tomas and Cardo had a fight which resulted in Tomas getting pierced by a metal pipe. He dies as a result. His death causes Joaquin to become more evil and vow revenge on Cardo.
  • Agot Isidro[2] as Verna Syquia-Tuazon: She is Tomas's wife, Don Emilio's only child, and Rachel and Joaquin's mother who does not approve of her family's illegal activities and attempts to put a stop to it. She was accidentally killed by her son, Joaquin, when she tries her best to stop him to continue the family's illegal activities.
  • Jaime Fabregas[2] as former Police Director (General) Delfin S. Borja: He is Flora's younger brother and Cardo and Ador's grand-uncle. He was later fired by Cabrera upon charges of conniving with Cardo and Vendetta and tortured, until rescued by Vendetta, Cardo and President Hidalgo. He was then appointed as National Security Adviser.
  • Susan Roces[2] as Flora "Lola Kap" S. Borja-de Leon: She is Cardo and Ador's grandmother, Pablo's mother, Delfin's older sister who had a past with Emilio. She is a kind woman and is always willing to help people without asking anything for return. She always serves her community and disapproves corruption. Her, along with her family, rivalry with Konsehala Gina serve as comic relief in the series. She also owns a carinderia and wants to serve food to the community and also make a profit for her family.
  • Eddie Garcia[12] as Don Emilio Syquia/Señor Gustavo Torralba: He is the leader of the mafia, human and drug trafficking syndicate; Verna's father and Joaquin and Rachel's grandfather, first appeared as a minor antagonist in Season 1, and the overall main antagonist in Seasons 2 - 6. In Season 4, Don Emilio teams up with the corrupted Senator Da Silva in their illegal activities. He also succeeds in capturing Cardo in their remote island to be tortured to avenged the deaths of his family before being rescued by Romulo and the remaining rebel group Pulang Araw and Ramil and fellow inmates who escaped in jail. After they formed a vigilante group Vendetta, He and Da Silva's group faces the vigilante group by either smearing Vendetta's name or outright terrorism by using a former Pulang Araw member to bomb floats on Panagbenga Festival only to be "killed" by Cardo in a gun fight before the group kills De Silva after him. But he survived the clash, but wounded and blinded by the battle. He owned the mines that Hipolito and Cabrera wanted to join business with. At the mining site, he was finally killed by Cardo with shooting down while he was escaping and riding in a helicopter.
  • John Prats[13] as PC/MSgt. Jerome Girona, Jr.: Cardo's friend who had a secret crush on Glen. He later joined Vendetta alongside Soriano after they got wounded during their raid on Sampaloc. And he's got a crush on Bubbles after Homer rapes her and has pregnancy with her baby.
  • Yassi Pressman[14] as Kapitana Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay: Famed reporter, Cardo's wife and a mother to Ricky Boy who harbors resentment over him choosing his missions over her. She has a new relationship with Marco her new boss who is later revealed as the younger son of both Lucas and Catherine. But it did not last long when Marco shows his violent behavior to her when he angrily throws a fit due to his jealously thinking she still loves Cardo. She is currently stayed at her parents as her father Teddy protects her from Marco and his violent behavior. Later she was reluctanly accepts Marco's engagement after he gave her the annulment papers but was taken away by Cardo to live with him in the provincial town to fix their relationship. She was initially angered at Cardo for being in the vigilante group until he reveals that his group are killing people who were involved in corruption and not to kill the innocent civilians. As soon as she stays with Cardo, she feels guilty for her actions knowing that she still loves him. While in hiding with Cardo, she reconciles with him and rekindle their former love. They latter re-marry each other. Alyana later joins Vendetta to assist her husband Cardo and his group. After given pardon, she decided to run for Barangay Captain of Bagong Pag-Asa and won by a landslide victory.
  • Joel Torre[14] as Teodoro "Teddy" Arevalo: JP and Alyana's father who witnessed Don Emilio killing Pablo, Cardo's father. He has a disliking for Marco due to his temper, and supports Cardo and Alyana getting back together. He later started writing against Cabrera's abusive actions.
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino[14] as Virginia "Virgie" R. Arevalo: Alyana and JP's mother and Teddy's wife. She has resentment towards Cardo for leaving Alyana and wants her to marry Marco despite it being against Teddy's wishes. She later tried to be a devil's advocate by trying to discourage her husband and son from writing criticizing remarks against Cabrera.
  • McCoy de Leon[35] as Juan Pablo "JP" R. Arevalo: Alyana's younger brother and Teddy and Virgie's son who has a crush of Lorraine. He appears and visits his family from time to time as he is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He later settled permanently after his sister went to Cardo. He also helps his father research about Cabrera's abuses.
  • Angel Aquino[15] as Diana T. Olegario-Dumaguit: The head of the National Military Intelligence Group (NMIG) who thoroughly investigates the supposed terrorist attacks conducted by Pulang Araw and who later becomes one of the leaders of Vendetta after Maj. Catindig made an attempt to assassinate her. She later became the wife of Romulo Dumaguit during their stay at Sto. Niño until she becomes widowed when Romulo sacrifices to save her from Alakdan's multiple gunshots to his death. Soon after Vendetta was pardoned from their crimes, she was reassigned by President Oscar Hidalgo to the National Security Council.
  • John Arcilla[15] as Environment and Natural Resources Bureau Secretary Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito: a Pulang Araw sleeper-agent who rose to the rank of Secretary of National Defense who later orchestrated acts of terrorism through Maj. Catindig and Alakdan in order to boost his popularity and transition to a seat in the Senate which he hopes would catapult him to the Presidency. He lost the election and made Secretary during Cabrera's residency, which he was involved in talks with illegal miners and loggers.
  • Jhong Hilario[15] as Homer "Alakdan" Adlawan: A corrupt member of Pulang Araw who does the bidding of Renato Hipolito by performing acts of terrorism with his splinter group, Kamandag. Their group were used by Hipolito to successfully framed Vendetta to make the president believe they were behind the attacks as they were the ones who did it. During the infiltration of the Vendetta hideout as most of his men were killed by Romulo. Homer and his men pursues Cardo after he had shot Happy until Cardo ambushes him. Both fought into a dangerous brawl and Homer overpowers Cardo who was knocked on the ground. He attempted to kill Cardo by stabbing with a knife but was blocked and was soon defeated by him by stabbing him with a broken beer bottle. Alakdan later awakens after all of his men were killed by Romulo's group and the authorities and being defeated by Cardo in a brawl, he was calling for help due to his stab wound. After surviving from his wounds, Alakdan and his group continued to watch the turn of the events where Lucas is now the President of the Philippines and frequently berates Hipolito for his unsuccessful plans. Meanwhile, his group were sent in Sto. Niño in Gustavo's mining. But during the battle and the fall of both Baldo and Tanggol, they successfully captured both Olegario and Bubbles. He is also responsible for killing Romulo when he shields his wife from getting shot multiple times before he allows his men to recapture her. He later rapes Bubbles during her and Olegario's captivity on their hideout. Meanwhile Cardo & the Vendetta successfully saves Olegario & Bubbles at Hipolito’s hideout, He & Cardo was about to brawl one last time. Later, He was killed by Cardo by shooting him with his knees and head, Avenging Diana’s only son, SP02 Bernardo Quinto, Happy, Romulo and Ricky Boy.
  • Mitch Valdes[15] as Konsehala Gina Magtanggol: The kapitana of the town Lola Flora and her family lives in. Like the other villains in the series, Gina is also corruptive. To gain popularity towards most people in the barangay, Gina makes a ruse by pretending herself to be kidnapped by her captors (revealed as her barangay tanods) and was injured as Wally warns Lola Flora and the others that Gina was pretentious and corruptive. She also serves as the comic relief in the series together with her sidekicks Nick and Gido. She later became the councilor of the town after she won the elections by cheating. She was also responsible for evicting Lola Flora and the others because of their alignment in the vigilante group in Vendetta. In Season 7, she still continues to meddle with Cardo's family despite the fact that Vendetta has been pardoned from their crimes and was commended for saving President Oscar Hidalgo. She later leaves the series to be imprisoned along with her group for the assassination attempt of Alyana and Bubbles.
  • Sid Lucero[15] as Major General Manolo "Nolo" Cantindig: Director Hipolito's ambitious right-hand man who plots to take over the leadership of the National Military Intelligence Group (NMIG), and later developing a fierce rivalry with Alakdan over Hipolito's trust. He and his group makes a total wipe out inside the hospital causing more casualties in order to kill Romulo. He was smashed by Cardo from a motorcycle to rescue Romulo. As a last resort, he took Andy as a hostage and was soon killed by Cardo by shooting him.
  • Pokwang[15] as Amor Nieves: Wally's older sister and Cardo and his family's landlady and friend. She later leaves the series and her salon when becomes engaged to her boyfriend. Her nail salon is currently under the management of Lola Flora and Marikit. Her brother, Wally, remains friends with Cardo's family.
  • Lito Lapid[15] as Romulo "Leon" Dumaguit: The leader of the rebel group Pulang Araw who later co-founds the vigilante group Vendetta with Cardo and Ramil Taduran. In Season 6, he marries Diana Olegario and together with Vendetta to rescue the people of Sto. Niño from both Tanggol and Baldo's bandits. He also manages to kill Baldo to avenge Aubrey's death until he briefly rescues his wife from Alakdan's group and sacrifices himself to save his wife from Alakdan's multiple gunshots to his death before he let his men recapture Olegario. He was given a burial along with Aubrey's grave by Vendetta and all people from Sto. Niño as Cardo vows to avenge Romulo's death. His death was avenged by Cardo is using his revenge on Homer.
  • J. C. Santos[16] as Marco Cabrera: Catherine and Lucas's son who is deeply in love with Alyana and is madly determined to win her heart. According to his mother Catherine, Marco has a tendency to commit suicide when he shows his violent streak which turned out to be his mental personality. Like his half-brother Brandon, he was very obsessive and violent if any people or Alyana dislike his interests especially his violent behavior which his aunt Menchu was doing her best to calm him down. He was also unaware of both his father and half-brother were involved in their illegal actions within the Philippine Government. After Alyana was taken away by Cardo during his engagement, Marco was searching for her whereabouts, thinking that she was hiding with Lola Flora or her parents. He later continues his search for Alyana's whereabouts until they return to Manila after she and Cardo are re-married. He dangerously shows his murderous instincts within his yandere persona, wanting to kill them both. Failing to kill both Cardo and Alyana, Marco creates his own group to disperse Vendetta who were now escaping from their hideout by the authorities. However after the car chase, he was soon killed along with his group by Cardo and his group in a rain of bullets before Anton shoots both cars in explosion from his grenade launcher.
  • Edu Manzano[17] as Vice President Lucas Cabrera: The Vice President, Catherine's husband, and Marco and Brandon's father. He is secretly the owner who sells smuggled firearms to Alakadan and his group. He and Brandon are opposed on Marco's relationship with Alyana due to her being Cardo's soon to be ex-wife. He and Brandon supports Hipolito for his ambitions to run for Senator and they begin their reign of ascension by doing illegal activities during the political campaign. He currently became the President after his successful ambush plot towards Oscar including his family which leaves Oscar and Aubrey survived the ambush and begins his reign of corruption by manipulating everyone that Vendetta is the criminals in the state as well as to kill people who were up against him. Marco and Brandon's deaths causing Lucas is more evil and vowing revenge on Cardo, Vendetta and his whole family. He is killed by Cardo, finally ending his evil regime and avenging Makmak and Oscar's First Family.
  • Rowell Santiago[17] President Oscar Hidalgo: The President of the Philippines, Marissa's husband, and Mary Grace and Yohan's father. He is also the best friend of Lucas Cabrera. As President, Oscar witnesses all of the rescuing efforts of the vigilante group Vendetta and has an intense confrontation with Lucas who is doing all illegal actions along with Brandon and Hipolito. He was soon rescued by Cardo in his wounded state following the ambush made by Lucas and was recuperating at Wangbu's house to recover from his injuries. Upon he revealed about his family's death except Audrey, He blames Vendetta and he becames the minor antagonist temporarily of the series. After learning that it was Lucas who killed his family in the ambush and took over as the President of the Philippines, Oscar joined Cardo and his vigilante group to stop Lucas and his administration. He continues to participate with the group after Cardo rescues his daughter Aubrey from getting ambushed which it was plotted by Lucas. He later helped Cardo rescue Borja and later the people in Sto. Niño after they were being held captive by both Baldo and Tanggol's bandits after Baldo killed his daughter Aubrey during their escape. After Romulo's death at the hands of Alakdan, he was the only one to inform Cardo to continue fighting for the sake of their country. After Lucas death and the downfall of his allies, he finally re-gains as the President and pardons Cardo and his allies. Later in the seventh season, he fell in love and married to Lily Ann Cortez. He was then manipulated by the First Lady by giving him drugs disguised as medicine to heal his headache, causing him to act violently and being angry to his subordinates, especially to Delfin and Diana, thinking that they betray him. These factors make him the antagonist anew during the second half of the seventh season.
  • Jolo Revilla[18] as PSG Commander Harold Casilag: The president's main security officer. He and Aubrey have a secret love interest for each other. He devotes his whole life in protecting the president and his family. During an ambush made by Vice President Lucas Cabrera, Harold was killed after protecting the president from a gunshot wound. Prior to the ambush, Harold was the only one who witnessed Romulo killed William Celerio when he is about to shoot General Olegario to think they were enemies.
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez[19] as Brandon Cabrera: Lucas's son and Catherine's stepson. Like his father, he was opposed to Marco's relationship with Alyana and also works with his father to sell smuggled weapons and like his step-brother Marco, Brandon angrily throws a fit if others rejected his interest when he was attempting to rape Andy which prompted Vendetta to infiltrate his territory, he was soon shot by Cardo when he is about to kill both Andy and Lorenzo and was hospitalized after calling his father Lucas due to his gunshot wounds. He was currently incarcerated in the PNP Headquarters until Lucas pardons him when he became the President of the Philippines. Brandon also had an intense confrontation with Hipolito when it comes to illegal business. He became SAP to Cabrera and to continue the business operations. He was later responsible for killing Mayor Adonis Dimaguiba in cold blood and was witnessed by Margie who finally exposed him in the media as the perpetrator for killing him. He is later killed by Cardo & the Vendetta, causing his father Lucas to kill his family that leads the death of Makmak.
  • Bobby Andrews[20] as Special Assistant to the President William Celerio. Oscar is unaware that William is secretly working with Lucas as he does this to cover up their corruptive actions. However, he later became a scapegoat to both Lucas and Hipolito who were planning to kill him with the group Kamandag. When Vendetta tried to rescued him from Kamandag, he attempted to shoot Olegario, thinking he would be attacked by the vigilante group, but was shot and killed by Romulo to rescue Olegario and was witnessed by Harold Casilag.
  • Ryza Cenon[21] as Aubrey Hidalgo: She is Marissa and Oscar's daughter and Yohan and Grace older sister. Aubrey seems to be cheerful but it is unclear if she will be an enemy or a rival. She was currently in a comatose state after the ambush made by Vice President Cabrera until she moved her right hand indicating her survival from the ambush. She was soon rescued by Cardo from drowning after they successfully foiled Lucas' ambush plot and reunites with her father Oscar. She later takes care towards Rosa's children after Marie secretly hids them to their home due to Rosa's maltreatmemt and abuse. During the gunfight between Vendetta and both Tanggol and Baldo's group, she was killed from getting shot into her head much to Oscar's horrible shock and grief and mourns over the loss of his daughter. Her death was avenged after Romulo fought and killed Baldo in the battle of Sto. Niño.
  • Francis Magundayao[21] as Yohan Hidalgo: Oscar and Marissa's eldest child, as well as Mary Grace's older brother. He was later killed in an ambush ordered by Vice President Cabrera.
  • Dawn Zulueta[17] as First Lady Marissa Hidalgo: Oscar's wife, and Mary Grace and Yohan's mother. She was the last person to be shot by Terante's men during the third phase of the ambush made by Vice President Cabrera and succumbs to her wounds after being treated inside the hospital. Her gunshot wounds on her lower back were later proven fatal and dies just a few moments after her two other children, Yohan and Mary Grace.
  • Alice Dixson[17] as Second Lady Catherine Cabrera: Marco's mother, Lucas's wife, and Brandon's stepmother. She was the only person who can calm her son Marco whenever he angrily throws a fit and has a tendency to commit suicide. Catherine soon arrives back at the Philippines after attending a convention prepared by her husband Lucas as various media reporters are asking her about both Lucas and Brandon are involved in Lorenzo Alano's kidnapping. Like her son Marco, Catherine is also unaware of both her husband and her step-son are doing illegal actions in the Philippine Government which is why she angrily confronts her husband Lucas due to their involvement. However after realizing that Marco was getting out of control because of his murderous personality, Catherine's only fear when Marco will be killed in a crossfire. She also discovers her husband Lucas was talking with Hipolito and being sided with him the whole time knowing that he was tainting her family for their involvement to stop Vendetta. She later becomes vengeful and full of hate after Marco is killed. She later leaves the series to go to America to help subside her hurt feelings. What happened to her after her husband and stepson's deaths is currently unknown.
  • Lorna Tolentino[22] as First Lady Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo: President Cabrera's bag lady, she collects the protection money from the syndicates that are protected by Cabrera's administration. She was later married to Oscar Hidalgo by become the First Lady in the Philippines.

Supporting Characters[]

  • Joey Marquez[2] as Nanding Corpuz: Glen and Brenda's father, Lolit's husband. He is a funny person, jolly, and always tries to lighten up the mood when all else are serious. He, along with his family, leave Manila to return to his hometown of Botolan, Zambales to take care of his ailing wife.
  • Malou de Guzman[2] as Lolit Fajardo-Corpuz: Nanding's wife; Glen and Brenda's mother. She doesn't approve of Glen's work as a cop. She always gets stressed every time Glen goes on a mission which sometimes results in her blood pressure to increase. She and her family later leave the series to return to their hometown to help her recover from her illness.
  • Malou Crisologo[2] as Yolanda "Yolly" Capuyao-Santos: Elmo's wife and Makmak's adoptive mother who treats Lola Flora like her own mother. She helped her during this time.
  • Dennis Padilla[2] as Edgar Guzman: Nora's husband; Ryan, Billy, and Carmen's father and Junior's grandfather. After Carmen's death, he returns to the province to live a peaceful life. He appears as a guest in Cardo and Alyana's wedding.
  • Ana Roces[2] as Leonora "Nora" Montano-Guzman: Edgar's wife who is also Ryan, Billy, and Carmen's mother and also is Junior's grandmother. She later returns to the province but returns to attend Cardo's wedding with Alyana.
  • Beverly Salviejo[23] as Cita "Yaya Cita" Roque: The maid of the Tuazon Family who is Verna's confidant. She later got killed by Tomas after attempting to reveal to Verna about Rachel's demise.
  • Pepe Herrera[2] as Benjamin "Benny" Dimaapi: Cardo's sidekick (formerly twin brother Ador's) and loyal best friend. He was later kidnapped by Joaquin's men and was tortured, forcing him to lure Cardo to Joaquin so that he would be killed. When he saw Joaquin's men, Benny later back out and shielded Cardo from getting shot. As a result, he was shot, which caused his death. His death was one of the main reasons why Cardo wanted to find Joaquin. His death was then avenged once Joaquin was killed by Cardo.
  • Marvin Yap[2] as Elmo Santos: Yolly's husband and Makmak's adoptive father.
  • Eda Nolan[24] as Brenda F. Corpuz: Glen's older sister, Nanding and Lolit's daughter. She is the polar opposite of Glen; girly, feminine, and a softy. She and her parents always tease Glen about her crush on Cardo. Brenda later leaves the series to return to Botolan to help aid Lolit, her ailing mother.
  • Belle Mariano[23] as Rachel S. Tuazon: Joaquin's late sister, Verna and Tomas's daughter, and Don Emilio's granddaughter. She is totally unaware of her family's criminal activities. Verna later reveals to her about Joaquin, Tomas, and Don Emilio's activities. She was later killed in ambush which Apollo planned to get revenge on Don Emilio.
  • Art Acuña[23] as Police S/Supt. (Colonel) Roy Carreon: Ador's former commandant in the PNPA and later one of his and Cardo's commanding officers in CIDG. He is Gen. Borja's trusted aide-de-camp who later becomes a reluctant protector of the Tuazon family's drug empire in order to finance the treatment of his daughter, Rona. He becomes instrumental in the reversal of Cardo's conviction by revealing the dealings of Joaquin Tuazon. He later was imprisoned as a result. Roy was later stabbed to death by Don Emilio.
  • John Medina[2] as P/Cpt. Avel "Billy" M. Guzman: Ador's brother-in-law, Carmen and Ryan's older brother and one of Cardo's allies in CIDG.
  • Brace Arquiza[34] as Ryan M. Guzman: Carmen and Billy's younger brother who wants to be a cop like his idols: Cardo, Ador, and Billy.
  • Lester Llansang[2] as P/Cpt. Mark Vargas: A friend of Cardo in the police force.
  • Michael Roy Jornales[2] as P/Cpt. Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera: Another friend of Cardo in the police force. In Season 7, He was later killed by Dante tries to manage to stand his ground after the funeral and Cardo and Task Force Agila vows to avenge his death.
  • Marc Acueza[23] as PS/Insp. Bernardino "Dino" Robles: Joaquin's friend and accomplice who helps protects Joaquin's family's illegal business. He was later killed by Joaquin after his conscience started to bother him and almost ratted the operations of the Tuazon crime family to CIDG.
  • Rino Marco[23] as PS/Insp. Gregorio "Greg" Sebastian: Joaquin's friend and accomplice who is one of the protectors of Joaquin's family's businesses in the police force. He was later killed by Cardo to avenge Benny's death.
  • Marc Solis[25] as P/MSgt. Rigor Soriano: Cardo, Jerome, and Glen's friend.
  • Ping Medina[26] as Diego Sahagun: A member of Tomas's drug and human trafficking businesses who attempts to expose their illegal businesses. He was later killed by Joaquin after attempting to tell Cardo that he was the one who murdered Ador.
  • Mhyco Aquino[23] as Lorenz Gabriel: A former classmate of Ador in the PNPA who quit and later became part of the Tuazon family's human trafficking syndicate. He later branched out and became a member of a riding-in-tandem group. He was later killed by Cardo in a gunfight.
  • Lander Vera Perez[23] as Alfred Borromeo: Teddy's Editor-in-Chief at the tabloid Ladlad. He was later murdered by Don Emilio's henchmen.
  • Kiray Celis as Mitch: Lorraine's best friend who had a crush on JP. She spread rumors that Lorraine was using drugs to get revenge on her due to her and JP's relationship. She later reconciles with Lorraine after their short fall out.
  • Daisy Reyes as Belen Girona: Jerome's mother and Lorraine's aunt.
  • Elisse Joson[35] as Lorraine Pedrosa: Jerome's younger cousin and Belen's niece who has a crush of JP.
  • Long Mejia[15] as Francisco "Paco" Alvarado: Cardo's friend and Paquito's father who lives with Lola Flora and her family. He later became a jeepney driver.
  • PJ Endrinal[15] as Wally Nieves: Cardo's landlord and Amor's brother. He is now an adopted member of Cardo's family after Amor's departure and he took over the rentals.
  • Jeffrey Tam[15] as Otep: A friend and neighbor of Cardo and his family, formerly one of Kapitana Gina's henchmen. He left for personal reason.
  • Roy "Shernan" Gaite [27] as Gido: A jeepney driver from the barangay adjacent to Cardo's who became one of Kapitan Gina's bumbling sidekicks.
  • Pedro "Zaito" Canon, Jr.[28] as Nick: One of Kapitana Gina's bumbling sidekicks.
  • Jay Gonzaga[27] as James Cordero: Diana's secretary. Helped Vendetta in secret by giving them intel or gadgets.
  • Arlene Tolibas[29] as Marikit Flores: The hairdresser and nail technician hired by Lola Flora to continue Amor's salon after her departure; later becomes an adopted member of Cardo's family.
  • Gary Lim[15] as Gaspar Romero: General Olegario's bodyguard and driver. He was later killed.
Introducing (Child Stars)
  • Lei Andrei Navarro[33] as Dominador "Junior" G. de Leon, Jr.: Carmen and Ador's son, who is also Lola Flora's great-grandson, Cardo's nephew and Onyok's jolly bestfriend. He then goes to live with his uncle, Ryan, and grandparents in the province to avoid further chaos.
  • Simon Ezekiel Pineda[2][32] as Honorio "Onyok" Amaba: Cardo's ward and Junior and Paquito's best friend who looks up to Cardo and desires to be a noble and honest cop like his father-figure. He later goes to live with his mother, Rowena, after Cardo leaves for his mission.
  • McNeal "Awra" Briguela[30] as Macario "Makmak" Samonte, Jr.: Yolly and Elmo's adopted son who is openly gay. He was killed by President Cabrera's private army trying to protect Lola Flora who were intended to shoot her by invading their house. Cardo avenged his death by finishing off Lucas.
  • Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo[31] as Ligaya Dungalo: A child whose parents were killed and was adopted by Cardo and his family.
  • Rhian "Dang" Ramos[31] as Amanda "Dang" Ignacio: A child whose parents were killed and was adopted by Cardo and his family.
  • James "Paquito" Sagarino[31] as Paquito Alvarado: Paco's son and Onyok's best friend.
  • Enzo Pelojero[31] as Dexter Flores: A friend of Makmak, Paco, Dang, and Ligaya.
  • Nayomi "Heart" Ramos[21] as Mary Grace "Gracie" Hidalgo: Yohan and Aubrey's younger sister and Marissa and Oscar's daughter who is totally oblivious of the events happening around her. She is later shot by Vice President Cabrera's men and dies as a result in the hospital just minutes later. Her death was finally avenged when Cardo finish Lucas to death.

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