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Congressman Brandon Cabrera is the Reccuring Supportive Antagonist since the TV of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who was a first son of Lucas of the Cabrera Family and a former congressman. He later cooperated with his father’s dirty works defeated and destroys by Cardo and the Vendetta.

Full Synopsis[]

Season 5

Brandon was seen in His wealth room and meets Marco to introduces Alyana Arevalo, to haves a party in His dining room.

He seen to deeds about Mr. Cabrera x Oriana. Lately, He was here, Brandon assaults Oriana who she stays away from Mr. Cabrera. He doesn't want Her to forgets Him, He's thinking about Her by His sides.

Marco defends Alyana and attacks Brandon and His father, Lucas Cabrera. He doesn't need Him to fights, He asks His father to not battles.

Brandon Cabrera joins Mafia Forces and is One of Homer Adlawan. after His downfall, Lucas Cabrera affects the fall of Renato Hipolito and Congressman Brandon hits Him.

He had a Birthday today, to hangs out He was once introduced to be respectful alongside with his father, Lucas and Buwitre. The unknown Girl shows Her panties, Dark blue and enjoys that. In His whereabouts that He abducts and kidnaps Brother Lorenzo, Congressman Brandon Cabrera punches Andrea's butt if She was released to saves Him. Cardo and Vendetta saves Lorenzo and Andi, then shoots and His injuries Brandon to retreats.

Brandon Cabrera was arrested by the Policemen and was now Guilty. He gets mad The prisoners, Lucas can't let His son Happens. Marco bids His brother sorties for not inviting His birthday.

Marco Cabrera begs Brandon his Brother that Cardo arrests Alyana, He disciples Him and His father, Lucas helps Him against Mr. Cabrera that She will forgets Him. after Marco gets shot by Cardo and Vendetta for barging in Lola Flora's House, Brandon goes wild as He knows that is Cardo's faults. He cries in front of Mr. Cabrera and Lucas mourns His lover, Catherine Cabrera.

Season 6

In which to hide their true colors. It was later then revealed that they’re corrupt and cooperated with Renato Hipolito. He and his father done a lot of dirty works like corruption, killing the first family, and killing and torturing people who dosen’t show any support to them or any involvement with Cardo. He does not care about Him, and Cardo and his Friends beats Brandon for the murder of Adonis Dimaguiba. He is finished by Cardo and Vendetta and gets revenges for taking down Adonis.


Brandon gets his Brains more than his Necessary and Does not care hat anyone who is stopping him from what he wants like his brother Marco.


He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Mark Anthony Fernandez.