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MonitorTV1234 MonitorTV1234 18 December 2021

Claiming Bureaucrat Rank

i am ready to claim and become a bureaucrat because there's no admins online in so many years!

So yes, i will become bureaucrat to take care of this wiki and clean those mess and i am not allowing unregistered users to edit pages only Registered Users can!

We will take care of this wiki I'm only checking Recent Changes everyday! I only blocked bad users and warn them look below:

Vandalism: Blocked for 7 days

NSFW Vandalism: Blocked for 40 Days (because i don't want you uploading gross pictures!)

Bullying: Warnings or Blocks

Constantly bullying others: Blocked for 4 days

Trolling: Blocked for 7 Months for trolling other people

Disruptive Editing: 3 Days

Continuously Vandalizing Pages: 3 Months Block

Created an alt account just to vandalize pages: Blo…

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