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Berto is one of the caretakers of Lito's horses. And his best friend is Turo.


He said that Lito would be very angry if he was robbed of his belongings such as money. And he told Macoy to ride with Lito because they do not earn enough here. He is on of the enemy, he will be counted among the minor antagonists, because Berto's behavior is also bad and Cardo is making them hot.


He is very arrogant and Bad and when the fish is stolen he will live and influences stealing. He Secretly Lied To Turo After Macoy Tells Turo That Berto Influenced Him To Steal


And that day they were taking care of Ramil's horse and suddenly they were told that Ramil's horse was not taken care of properly, and they were being heated. And they made Cardo hot, and told Turo that Cardo's groups were arrogant because they were policemen.

In the next episode, this is the day to teach a lesson and remove Berto's arrogance and to prevent Macoy from being abused. It will only be known the next day if it reaches Lito and Turo, Maybe Turo will also be able to leave this lesson to eliminatand taking out his arrogance and Cardo punched or hurt Turode.

In the next episode, this is the day to teach this lesson to Berto and eliminate the net arrogance and abuse of Maco y.