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Assassin Forces also known as Armando's group is a Mercenary group who served the secondary allies in the TV Series: FPJ's Ang Probinsyano throughout the International arc. the team founded by all surviving members consisting of local Farmers and Mara's adoptive parents all Cardo's police and Task Force Agila allies, until the betrayal of Armando Silang.

After their betrayal, the majority of their group were both killed by Cardo and the Task Force Agila as their mansion was burned down by Cardo in the aftermath of Delfin Borja's death.


Mara in order to eliminate corruption and other crimes from the country. At the same time, woman in a motorcycle named Mara, who is an apparent vlogger, also arrives at North. It is revealed that Mara is actually the spy sent by her father Armando, whose family and his farmers were killed in the massacre at hands of Don Ignacio and Don Iñigo, who had the connection with Arturo Padua, whose motivation is to claim Armando's land (which was from Don Iñigo, rewarded through land reform) for rich businessmen. After they killed Don Iñigo and seized his mansion and weapons, the farmers evolved into a mercenary group.

Armando and the surviving farmers vow to exact revenge on Don Ignacio and Arturo to get the Property Mansion. Mara is sent to get intel regarding Don Ignacio and his latest activities. They plan to kill him during the exhibit, knowing the risk of Lily being caught in the crossfire. Defying Armando's plan, Samuel decides to ambush Don Ignacio on the road instead at the art exhibit, much to Lolita and Armando's chagrin; however, the plan goes awry when they fail to kill Don Ignacio.

Armando confronts Samuel for his failure. Don Ignacio decides to cancel the exhibit as a result and calls Lily about this.

In the episode where they confront Don Ignacio, the group encountered Ricardo Dalisay and the Task Force Agila, after hearing the news that the group is one of the Most Wanted people in the country Armando took this as an advantage and ally with them as he wanted to get the reward money from the Government by earning Armando's trust, this includes with Allying with the TFA on their escape at the Hotel and their rescue of Delfin and the wounded members of the TFA from the villa of a former Police Colonel who gone corrupt.

However this has changed when Armando decided to betray the Agilas and finally collect the bounty on their head after they heared the news that Cardo was mortally wounded and captured alive by the Philippine Government and Lito's mercenaries, after that he disposed the body of Mara as she was thrown in the river (whether or not she may be dead or alive by then), unbeknown to them, Lucas a loyal to his beliefs and after learning that Mara was a traitor when she is not. Because of this, Lucas decided to defect to TFA and warn them about Armando's evil schemes against them and he helps them escape but unfortunately, Gen. Borja was captured by Armando's group thanks to Omar's betrayal.


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