Angelito Valmoria simply known as Lito is One of the Anti Antagonist from the Television series direct to videos Shows of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is a Former Lover and Childhood of Alyana. He and His Friends and making his debut with his friends in July 6, 2020 Book 4 Season 8.

He is portrayed by the Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez also known as Sandrino Villalobo Imperial from La Luna Sangre on 2017.

 Anti Villain[edit | edit source]

Species: Human

Friends: Alyana Arevalo (Ex - Girlfriend)






Dominator de Leon (Neutrally, Undead+)



Renato Hipolito (No Longer)

Victor Basco (Sometimes)

Ramil Taduran (Sometimes)


Ricardodo Dalisay (Rival)

Ramil Taduran

Jerome Girona Jr.

Gregorio Cortez


 History[edit | edit source]

Lito met Alyana Arevalo during their childhood, there at Batangas. Living with their simple life as a provincial status, he and Alyana were childhood friends back then where his hometown will soon to be the better infrastructure of goods and negotiations creating his large hacienda, respectively.

At the point of their climax in their backstory, Lito confesses her love to Alyana as she loves back him. The happy moment arises through chasing themselves under the trees, picnicking and helping her out of the efforts he pushes on. However, things bent on their ledges when Alyana's father decided to join her daughter at Manila to work as a reporter. Lito was told about this and neglected the offer from leaving away from her, of course he would because Alyana is her true lover.

Alyana once bids farewell to Lito and promised themselves that he should wait for her to come back and visit anytime. And as the years gone by, he waited agonizingly until she came back witnessed breaking their promise having Cardo as her husband due to the concern of "kill order" suggestion of Renato Hipolito to Lily Ann Cortez and Arturo Padua in the Presidential Palace putting Cardo and his family a heavy amount of bounty that leaves the family's decision to hid Alyana's cousin hometown and Lito.

Until now, Lito refuses Cardo's replacement of his marital status to Alyana with accords to the legal counsel of the family matters. He tries his best to capture and win Alyana's heart from forgetting their promise when they were young. Also, he vows to get rid of Cardo revealing how good he is in shooting range practiced for how many years.

Lito takes the tour for Cardo and the group and introduce to the sections of his hectare of luxurious remote yards with different aspects of interactions. Meanwhile, his assistant, Antonio, pushes Lito taking care of the business partners while he cuddles with Alyana for the workplace. Antonio wished to lash out him but never did.

Lito now obliged Cardo and the group to have their workplace on buying time of living under the presence of himself, Lito, who got some larger hectares of his owned house backyards from shooting range fields, stables, bowling and billiard sections with golf yards. Alyana was appointed by him as his personal secretary in the business with Bubbles. Not knowing to some, Lito uses Alyana as his secretary but now smoothly eagers to capture and win her heart from the placement of Cardo as her legal husband.

Unknown to Cardo and his folks, he is also running an illegal businesses and he is allied with Renato Hipolito and Jacob Serrano. Cardo doesn’t have any knowledge about his black-hearted ego.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He seems to be hardworking, inspiring man, and successful person. According to Alyana, she knew him to have a heart and nice to his fellow people during their younger days. Tired of his old life, he then became obsessed in wealth which made him consumed with greed and selfishness. He have also forgotten his nice attitude and turned out to be hypocrite. He is also seen to be Secretly cruel and sadistic.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is shown to be handsome and fair toned skinned. He is also seen to be averagely tall and muscular man.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the second villain that he pretended to be an ally to Cardo and helped them. First is Lily Ann Cortez. Moreover, they also share similarity that they both came from poor and worked hard and became a successful businesspeople.
  • He is very passionate in horses.
  • Richard Gutierrez's father, Eddie Gutierrez, also belonged to the guest casts on the series.
  • He is one of the young crime lords in the series alongside with Joaquin Tuazon, and Brandon Cabrera.
  • His favorite dish is Kare Kare. He is one of the characters known to be fan of Kare Kare others with Cardo, Alyana, and Major Basco.
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