FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (English: FPJ's The Provincial Man/Brothers) is a 2015 Philippine television action-drama series that hit on the country's second to the longest airing drama of all time. It is topbilled by Coco Martin and with his ensemble casts. On May 2019, the series is now available on Netflix with 50 episodes on the first season. As of August 8, 2019, the series has reached its 1000th episodes that ran for almost four years.

Season 1

The first season of the series tackles about Ador's death, Cardo's life and the various crime cases happened in the country and in the regions. It ran about 262 episodes prior for the second chapter of the series. There were numerous crime cases reported by the series such as human and drug trafficking, murder, robbery and sexual indications implied from the other theme, but obviously censored from being banned.

Season 2

Second season talks about the conviction of Cardo and avenging his brother, Ador, seeking justice and for Carmen. It is the apparent time of Tomas' death before Cardo's trial, and the resolution of Joaquin's role as a second to the main villain of the series, after marriage to Alyanna and Cardo at night.

Season 3

Cardo's return as a military trooper of the department. This leads to the direction that tackles about the existence of Terrorists and Rebellions roughly hitting the city's security and a continuous bombardment during his encounter to the supposedly known vigilante group named Pulang Araw (Red Sun, in English).

Season 4

Cardo joins Pulang Araw and the resolution of the Rebellion and Terrorism Arc which the other traitors of the vigilante are orchestrating behind the troubles that would tarnish the name Pulang Araw. The remaining good members realized the real situation of the group and the incident from Mateo de Silva and Don Emilio's operation for drugs, weapons and corruption. This would catapult Mateo from Senator to President.

Season 5

Fifth season revolves Political Arc that made appearance to some known political positions such as President, Vice-President, Secretaries, Mayors, Barangay Captains and Councilors. It also talks about the fixing marriage between Cardo and Alyanna, on the other hand of Marco, the son of a bad Vice-President Lucas, is being a third-party of the complicated couple.

Season 6

The realization of Oscar Hidalgo from the real situation of the country which meant to decide joins with the supposedly known vigilante group named Vendetta led by Romulo. It is also talking about the post-existence of the massive rebellion recurring from the provincial state of Sto. Nino. It is the re-emerging of Don Emilio's fake death but by acting as Senior Gustavo Torralba, by an anonymity.

Season 7

The restoration of Oscar's Presidency from the downfall of Cabrera's mighty hand. Cardo and the Vendetta finally returns to the police and others lately given a work for serving the country. This now tackles another kind of various crime cases involving corruption in the country.

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