FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (English: FPJ's The Provincial Man/Brothers) is a 2015 Philippine television action-drama series that hit on the country's second to the longest airing drama of all time. It is topbilled by Coco Martin and with his ensemble casts. On May 2019, the series is now available on Netflix with 50 episodes on the first season. As of August 8, 2019, the series has reached its 1000th episodes that ran for almost four years.

Season 1

The first season of the series tackles about Ador's death, Cardo's life and the various crime cases happened in the country and in the regions. It ran about 262 episodes prior for the second chapter of the series. There were numerous crime cases reported by the series such as human and drug trafficking, murder, robbery and sexual indications implied from the other theme, but obviously censored from being banned.

Season 2

Second season talks about the conviction of Cardo and avenging his brother, Ador, seeking justice and for Carmen. It is the apparent time of Tomas' death before Cardo's trial, and the resolution of Joaquin's role as a second to the main villain of the series, after marriage to Alyanna and Cardo at night.

Season 3

Cardo's return as a military trooper of the department. This leads to the direction that tackles about the existence of Terrorists and Rebellions roughly hitting the city's security and a continuous bombardment during his encounter to the supposedly known vigilante group named Pulang Araw (Red Sun, in English).

Season 4

Cardo joins Pulang Araw and the resolution of the Rebellion and Terrorism Arc which the other traitors of the vigilante are orchestrating behind the troubles that would tarnish the name Pulang Araw. The remaining good members realized the real situation of the group and the incident from Mateo de Silva and Don Emilio's operation for drugs, weapons and corruption. This would catapult Mateo from Senator to President.

Season 5

Fifth season revolves Political Arc that made appearance to some known political positions such as President, Vice-President, Secretaries, Mayors, Barangay Captains and Councilors. It also talks about the fixing marriage between Cardo and Alyanna, on the other hand of Marco, the son of a bad Vice-President Lucas, is being a third-party of the complicated couple.

  • Vice President Lucas Cabrera introduces his second family namely; Catherine, his wife, with three sons namely; Brandon and Marco.
  • President Oscar Hidalgo introduces his first family to Lucas namely; Marissa, his wife, with two daughters namely; Mary Grace and Aubrey, including Yohan as his only son.
  • Marco revealed that he has a mental illness which Catherine tried to go back in America for safety matters.
  • Oscar is arguing with Lucas from not bailing Lucas' son, Brandon filing some attempted cases. This, time Lucas decided to take down Oscar and family.
  • Oscar is threatened by Lucas' plan with the help of the new ally Police Director General Alejandro Terante during his Alumni Homecoming.
  • Renato's cunning wakened Lucas as his loyal right hand.
  • Jerome and Rigor joins Vendetta.
  • Marco is trying to convince Alyana as his girlfriend. He also decided to marry her.
  • Alyana's dad is concerned and aware to what Alyana and Marco having together. Virgie denies that Marco has no psychological problem.

Season 6

The realization of Oscar Hidalgo from the real situation of the country which meant to decide joins with the supposedly known vigilante group named Vendetta led by Romulo. It is also talking about the post-existence of the massive rebellion recurring from the provincial state of Sto. Nino. It is the re-emerging of Don Emilio's fake death but by acting as Senior Gustavo Torralba, by an anonymity.

  • A psychopath Marco, son of Lucas Cabrera, died from the assault encountering and racing with Vendetta.
  • Vice Mayor Adonis Dimaguiba forced and convinced by the corruptive Vice President Albert Hernandez to turn back to believe Vendetta are heinous criminals including Cardo's family.
  • Adonis died from Brandon Cabrera's secret operation. His last words were confirmed as to confess his true feelings to Margie.
  • Margie also died from Brandon's plan through foul-play jeepney accident.
  • The now re-emerged Don Emilio as Senior Gustavo failed to secure his business from detecting his men as traitors and went to backfire Cardo. He almost died from it and failed to continue to fly farther in his chopper to escape. Confirmed to be burnt, but the corpse was not confirmed to see in public.
  • Alakdan raped Bubbles to use her for their future dreams.

Season 7

The restoration of Oscar's Presidency from the downfall of Cabrera's mighty hand. Cardo and the Vendetta finally returns to the police and others lately given a work for serving the country. This now tackles another kind of various crime cases involving corruption in the country.

  • Lily Ann Cortez uses Hipolito and Hidalgo for masking up her secret works in syndicates.
  • Major Victor Basco appeared as one of the most active knocker police agent to combat crimes.
  • Diana Olegario continuously spits sarcastic words to Lily, doubted that Lily already has a plan to kill her known friends.
  • Lazaro Enriquez reveals himself as one of the Pulang Araw's traitors under the name Uwak (Crow in English)
  • Alias Bungo (Skull in English) troubles the country by robbery and avenging his late twin brother, David Madarang, killed from Ador's various operation. His true name is Dante Madarang.
  • Major Alexandra Romero appeared as a sexiest police encountered; one of the girls who likes Cardo
  • Bubbles became pregnant
  • Jerome finally confessed his true feelings to Bubbles. And the one being suited, accepted the confession leading them to become in-relationship.
  • Barangay Captain Bart allies with the corruptive Councilor Gina Magtanggol, leading to Cardo's family a major problem where she could evict from the region out of her sight for the sake of her secret illegal operations.
  • Domengsu appeared as the next asset of Cardo's police operations.
  • Cardo's family decides to open their large eatery named Flora's Garden.
  • Barangay Captain Bart planned to let his ally put laxative on the food from Flora's Garden, which is to be blamed like Cardo's family is threatening their town.
  • Elizabeth doubts Lily too; also getting jealous from tagging Oscar and Lily.
  • Bolit, who was an ally of Bungo, failed from their illegal drug operation in Barangay Sapang Bato, because of Domengsu's infiltration.
  • Chikoy's death has confirmed; stabbed by Bungo.
  • Basco's men died; replaced with bad-vibe policemen.
  • Hipolito encounters three unknown rich men namely; Jacob, Migz and Lance, ended up allies for taking down what he wants.
  • Domengsu infiltrates Bungo's house with the culprit and his cohorts. He overheard about Bungo's intentions and their hideout. Domengsu was almost identified as the messenger of Cardo and got to inform back to Cardo's.
  • Cardo supposedly dead by raiding Bungo's hideout; but got survived from five bullet shots and three knife stabs.
  • Bungo starts going crazy after Cardo's survival has reported. He started robbing and murdering civilians.
  • Lily becomes one of the presidential advisers of Oscar.
  • Major General dela Cruz discussed a new mission; serial killing happening in the country.
  • Jane Sebastian appeared as the victim from the serial killer.
  • Jacob's brother, Ronald, died from the serial killer, suspecting Jane as the culprit.
  • Jane's revelation of having multiple personality disorder. She got four of them; one who is normal, one who is childish, one who is aggressive and one who is lustful. She confirms as being Maureen as a lustful one, and Kuya as the aggressive one.
  • Jane was forced by Cardo to exclusively live into his house for a temporal safety while the serial killer is remain unscathed.
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