Ang Probinsyano
Season 8

Season 8's title card, the second to feature the "4.0" tag.

Starring Coco Martin
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes (ongoing)
Original network Kapamilya ChannelCine Mo!
Original release June 29, 2020 –
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The eighth season of Ang Probinsyano, a Philippine action drama television series, premiered on June 29, 2020 over at the Kapamilya Channel and was simulcast on Cine Mo!Jeepney TV, through livestreaming on FacebookTwitter and YouTube and worldwide via The Filipino Channel.

The show picks up from the end of the seventh season, whose end coincided with the 2020 Luzon enhanced community quarantine, as it shows Lily's move to consolidate her power as both the first lady of the Republic and leader of the largest international drug cartel in the Philippines.[1]

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President Hidalgo has fallen into a drug-induced coma and Lily has made the most of this opportunity to finally consolidate her powers as the First Lady of the Republic and as the country's drug baroness, along with Arturo. To ensure their success, Renato puts a bounty on Cardo and his family in order to finally rid them of the biggest thorn on their side. Lily and Art then called their henchmen to take out Cardo and his family. Juan was the first one to spot Cardo then a shootout between him and Cardo began, with Clarice unexpectedly witnessing it herself.

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Supporting[edit | edit source]

Introducing (Child Stars)
  • Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo[20] as Ligaya Dungalo
  • Rhian "Dang" Ramos[20] as Amanda "Dang" Ignacio
  • James "Paquito" Sagarino[20] as Paquito Alvarado

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Episodes[edit | edit source]

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No. in
Title Original air date Kantar media rating
1167 1 "Bagong Laban" June 29, 2020 TBD
Alyana becomes worried over Cardo’s relentless pursuit of Lemuel. Lily, Renato, and Arturo set their sights on eliminating the biggest thorn in their side.
1168 2 "Hostage" June 30, 2020 TBD
Finding himself in another precarious situation, Cardo manages to escape the clutches of death with the help of an unlikely ally. Alyana learns about the serious threat to her loved ones' safety.
1169 3 "Hindi Susuko" July 1, 2020 TBD
Desperate to save Delfin's life, Cardo seeks help from his trusted allies. Arturo and Lily turn to Renato for advice on dealing with Cardo.
1170 4 "Takas" July 2, 2020 TBD
Task Force Agila move heaven and earth as they execute their rescue operation for Delfin. Wanting to elude their pursuers, Cardo and his loves ones head to a safer place.
1171 5 "Patibong" July 3, 2020 TBD
Cardo and Task Force Agila evade the authorities in order to take Delfin to safety. Arturo pulls some strings to entrap his adversaries.



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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Teddy Arevalo used the nom de plume Jose Malaya in his exposés against Lily and her allies.
  2. ^ Juan used the alias Mark Quiambao when he tried to fish out information regarding Cardo and Task Force Agila at Camp Crame. During his stint living next to Task Force Agila, he posed as Lemuel Pineda.

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