Ang Probinsyano Wikia

Andrea B. Collins (Also known As Andy) is One of the Major Femme Protagonist from the Tevelision Series directs to videos Show of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is a Nurse in Vendetta. She is a Torturer of Mr. Cabrera in any slights alongside with Alyana Arevalo and Cardo Dalisay for barging in Flora de Leon's House.

She is also portrayed by Filipino voice actress, Jessy Mendiola who is also known as Jessy Lorenzo from Gimik 2010 from 2010, Sabel Asuncion from Sabel from 2010-2011, Alyannah "Yanie" Alipio-Galang from Paraiso from 2012-2013, Maria Mercedes Alegre from Maria Mercedes from 2013-2014 and Melissa "Melai" Pamintuan from Sandugo from 2019-2020.


She helps Ricardo Dalisay to tortures Marco Cabrera in any slights for barging in Lola Flora's House.