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Amir Marquez (Also known as Police Captain) is the Primary Extra Protagonist from Ang Probinsyano who joins Task Force Agila and Ricardo Dalisay. He is an Adoptive Son of Manuel dela Cruz.

This February 3 2020 and His debut, He is Former Supporting Antagonist of Delfin Borja who is possessed by Lily Ann Cortez. Amir is also an All times Rival and Anti Heroic Counterpart of Serrano Jacob who is the Nephew of Renato Hipolito.

He is portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Arron Villaflor he also host of Shoutout! from 2010 and also known as Mikael Reyes from Juan Dela Cruz from 2013 and Ramoncito "Chito" Salazar from Asintado from 2018.


Amir has a Straight Manly Body with Brown Hair and Eyes. He wears a Black Shirt, Pants and Shoes in the Task Force Agila and seen wearing Blue Shirt, Denim Pants and Dark Blue Shoes in CIDG Officers.

In the Civilian of the Alternate Costumes, He wears a Cyan T Shirt and a Brown Jacket with a Dark Brown Pants and Loght Brown Shoes. He wears a White Shirt and Black Armor with Beige Pants and Yellow Shoes.

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He first appeared in where he was introduced by PMaj. Basco alongside with SPO1 Eric Gabriel, PLt. Karlo Ramos, PLt. Louie Rallos, and an unnamed police officer as a replacement for PCpt. Eric Opena and his team after they were ambushed at an eatery by Dante Madarang. He and his men don’t seem respect or support to PCpt. Ricardo Dalisay and his team, despite been working and helping as one like in searching for Alyas Bungo, Jane, and Jacob Serrano. After a failed mission to capture Jacob Serrano and his team, CIDG and Task Force Agila had a conflict and after the brawl of the rivalry team they soon reconciled and became supportive to each other in every mission.


PCpt Marquez seems to be Xenophobe, Virtually, Dare demon and doesn’t show any respect or support to PACTF claiming that they are just boastful because of their closeness to the President. It is unclear if he’ll be a villain or anti hero, but it is seen more an antihero because despite being an honest policeman and helps Cardo in their missions, he doesn’t show any support to Cardo and his task force. He is also shown to be a womanizer as it was seen when he was first introduced in which wants to get PMaj. Romero and the former female members of Task Force Agila.He then later had a change of heart after they had a quarrel with the Task Force Agila for blaming each other for having a failed missions. He was often Bloodthirsty who Shoots and murders Jane Sebastian, and also The manipulator and psychopath which he cares about killing Renato Hipolito and Jacob Serrano.



  1. He is portrayed by Arron Villaflor and also one of Coco Martin’s former Co star in Juan Dela Cruz who portrayed Mikael Reyes. He also shares some role like being a rival, hot-eaded, and a police officer.
  2. He is very similar to Anton in which their first appearance show to be both a rival, don’t show any loyalty to the main character, and in later episodes had a change of heart and more supportive to the main character.
  3. He compares His roles with Ador who were a Rival of Cardo later joins all of the Task Force Agila.