Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay is the Female Titularly Protagonist since Ang Probinsyano who is Ricardo Dalisay's Current Lover. In Her debut in Her synopsis of the top-rating ABS-CBN primetime teleserye.

She is portrayed by the young actress Yassi Pressman.


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Background Edit

Alyana Arevalo is the official wife of Ricardo Dalisay, mother of Ricky Boy and Letlet, and one of the main casts since Season 3.

Synopsis Edit

Alyana met Cardo during her works as a public reporter held at the hospital where Cardo is concerning with the sick patients whom have victimed from the murder incident. When she rushed to Cardo for an interview, he resists from it for Alyana being an overacting reporter which she was told not to make interviews on that right time because of some patients around them already looking for the doctors in treatment.

Another second time of intriguing Cardo to Alyana, she never tried to give up and tired of chasing Cardo to help as his aide. From actions of Alyana in this state, she already fell in love with him. Not to mention obviously, she highly appreciates Cardo as a policeman.

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