PNP Chief/PDir.Gen. Alejandro Terante is the corruptive and a murderous police highest-rank officer of President Lucas Cabrera, the former mate of Renato Hipolito in other terms and the former Deputy Director of the PNP. He was one of Lucas' allies to trample Vendetta and the Dalisay family once grounded.

Personality Edit

Alejandro was a suspecious Psychopath this Months, He is more Sadists than ever. However he is not thinking about Traitors, He doesn't want His boss Lucas affected.

Synopsis Edit

Alejandro doesn't want to be murdered by The Vendetta and tries to joins Them, but He refuses and Wangbu loses to. Alejandro shoots Wangbu and retreats Alyana Arevalo and Bubbles, He was severely injured by the Car accident.

After Renato calls Homer Adlawan, He setup Alejandro who He'll never meets Him no more! Homer and his Friends murders His men, and falls Alejandro. He was now avenged by Cardo against Homer, after Lily Ann Cortez speaks with Him from Kamandag.

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