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PMaj. Albert G. De Vela is the Decenary Antagonist of the series and the leader of Black Ops and Alyana's murderer. he will returned to Season 9 on August 23, 2021. He was ordered to find and arrest the President of the Philippines, Oscar Hidalgo, arrest Ricardo Dalisay and the Task Force Agila initially, until he got allied with Angelito Valmoria.


He is the leader of the Black Ops, a special police force tasked to fight crime from the shadows, while tasked to hunt the Task Force Agila and all their priority targets.

His rise in rank was rapid, and had the skills to be a strong leader.


His personality is an ambitious, discliparian and egoistic man, who can give anything he owns just to fulfill his dream of rising through the ranks.

His arrogance and ego is as a strong as his ambitions and devotion to his job.

He used Natalia Mante as a stepping stone, and not hesitant to use her, while cheating with another member of Black Ops, which he really liked. He easily broke up with her upon the discovery of the betrayal.

He also had a greedy streak, using his influence to get advantage over his enemies, even committing fratricide just to get what he wants. He also had obsession with getting riches.

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